I believe that deeper levels of wellbeing are constantly available to us. My intention with this family practice is support people in finding deeper states of wellness and joy. I provide a space for people in all stages of life to be held deeply, to rest, and to be nourished. Together, in a container of loving presence, we find opportunities for growth and change. Through this transformation we can show up more fully as parents, siblings, and relatives.


Online Sessions for Parents!

Due to Covid, in person sessions are temporarily on pause. I am happy to say that developmental sessions for infants and kids are working in an online format! We start by doing a phone session where you tell me pertinent history and describe to me what difficulties or symptoms you are observing in your child. If necessary, you send me videos of your child so that I can see what's happening on a movement/body level for your little one. Then I give you home based interventions for you to do with your child during this time! Check out the infant and child pages for what issues can be addressed.

Image by zaya odeesho

Mama and Baby Circle

Come get the support of being held by a group of women. We spend our time listening to one another and sharing the the things are needing to be held. Then we focus on the babies development growth and challenges. This group offers a chance to get support, wisdom, and guidance for mamas with young babies. New group starting Fall 2020 in Nevada City. Location will be announced soon!


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