Hi! I'm Ashley :) Thanks for being curious about me and my work!

I have always been one of the sensitive ones, often the quiet one in a large group, the one who tracks what's happening for other people, and maybe the one who drifts off into dreams.

So much healing and growth has happened in my human being journey as I have learned to to refine my gifts of sensitivity, care, and lightness!

I am currently in a time of integration, as I weave the worlds of early childhood education, somatic healing, and nature connection into my offerings and my life's work. It is with such great joy that step fully into the role of supporting people of all ages, heal their body-minds, find ease and grace in their lives, and feel freedom from old patterns of being.

I spend my time excitedly creating work projects, cleaning the house (truly), praying in community, rolling around on the floor, hanging out with plants, and loving my family.


Training and Influences

Early Childhood and Mental Health Training

B.A. in Child Development from Humboldt State

M.A. in Infant Mental Health from Mills College

     My Research focused on the intersections self regulation, trauma, and somatic experience

Somatics and Movement

Yoga Teacher training, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Dance Minor from Humboldt State

Certified Somatic Movement Educator, The School for Body-Mind Centering

Certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, The School for Body-Mind Centering

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, ISMETHA

Reiki, The Wu Wei School of Reiki (currently enrolled)

Nature Connection

Bird Language Immersion, The 8 Shields

Distance Immersion, The 8 Shields

Influences and informal training experience


Hand and Hand Parenting

Continuum movement practice

Herbal and plant medicine



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