Hi! I'm Ashley :) Thanks for being curious about me and my work.

My work has been focused on supporting children since I was a child myself. Through out the years I have taken on a number of roles. Through it all, the guiding light of my clear purpose has been to support this next generation in being held with deep integrity, love, and in alignment with the transformation that is happening on our planet.

My dedicated passion of caring for children lead me to many paths of healing, as caring for them served as a clear reflection for the parts of myself that were needing help. My healing path has included: subtle somatic practices with the School for Body Mind Centering, community circle work, ritual, prayer, and medicine.

It is my joy to be creating ceremonial and healing spaces for parents, mama's to be, and children. 

When I am not working you can find me listening to birds in the wild, sitting by bodies of water, talking passionately with loved ones and tending to my own life with food, family, prayer, and rest. 

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Training and Influences

Early Childhood and Mental Health Training

B.A. in Child Development from Humboldt State

M.A. in Infant Mental Health from Mills College

     My Research focused on the intersections self regulation, trauma, and somatic experience

Somatics and Movement

Yoga Teacher training, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Dance Minor from Humboldt State

Certified Somatic Movement Educator, The School for Body-Mind Centering

Certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, The School for Body-Mind Centering

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, ISMETHA

Reiki, The Wu Wei School of Reiki 

Nature Connection

Bird Language Immersion, The 8 Shields

Distance Immersion, The 8 Shields

Influences and informal training experience


Hand and Hand Parenting

Continuum movement practice

Herbal and plant medicine



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