Somatic Movement Therapy

Baby's Grasp


Movement and touch is one of the most direct ways into healing - especially for babies who live in a preverbal reality. Babies are so present and open in their bodies that they can shift really deep patterns very quickly through touch repatterining. This gentle and clear body work supports growth and ease for the baby. Session include Infant Mental health consultation. Treatments are helpful for:

  • Learning to nurse and latch

  • Promoting sleep

  • Easing fussiness

  • Atypical movement patterns

  • Developmental delays

  • Digestive stress

  • Healing attachment wounds and supporting secure attachment

  • Healing birth trauma

Investment: $130 per session, Package of 4 sessions for $460. 

Location: At The Nest, 107 West Main Street, Ste B. Grass Valley, CA

Newborn Baby

Well Baby Check-ins

Many people rely on doctors visits for developmental guidance and concerns for their baby. Unfortunately, many families do not receive the level of support they are looking for and are often told that the baby will "grow out of" concerns that parents have. The first year of a baby's life is such a whirlwind of change, joy, and exhaustion. In these sessions, we come together to deeply support you and your baby. You and your baby get a chance to receive care, holding, and holistic guidance. 

Session Include:​

  • A developmental screening to access your baby's growth

  • Techniques to help your baby meet developmental milestones like rolling, crawling, and walking

  • Guidance on nursing and eating

  • Time to appreciate and observe your baby's development

  • Learn ways of supporting deep emotional wellbeing for you and your baby. Heal your relationship to crying and fussiness.

  • Baby bodywork! We use touch and movement to support your baby in releasing tension and encourage healthy development

  • Guidance for ways of playing and holding your baby that support growth and wellbeing

  • Infant Mental Health consultation and support in developing attachment security. 

Investment: Sessions are $120. Package of 4 monthly sessions for $400. Scholarships available on case-by-case basis.

Location: At The Nest, 107 West Main Street, Ste B. Grass Valley, CA

Railroad Set


These play and body based sessions help heal underlying issues that are causing stress and challenges for the child and family.

They also help develop social-emotional skills, mindfulness, and build the child's regulatory capacities. 

Families receive practices, games, and rituals to do at home to continue healing with the family.

These sessions are particularly helpful for children with:

  • Sensory processing challenges

  • Attention Disorders

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Developmental delay

  • Atypical movement patterns

  • Digestive Issues

  • Aggression, social stress, challenges making friends

  • Chronic Illness

  • Behavioral challenges


Investment: $130 per session, Package of 4 sessions for $460. 


At The Nest, 107 West Main Street, Ste B. Grass Valley, CA


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