Sleep Support

Sleep is one of the most challenging parts of having an infant! Many families get stuck in patterns of putting their baby to sleep that end up leading to little sleep for both the baby and parents. It's so common! And then when parents want to change the pattern they feel like they either have to do a "cry it out" sleep training approach or just respond to their babies every whim. Not true! My approach helps families build skills that support sleep for everyone by holding clear and loving boundaries, and staying emotionally connected to the baby.

I believe that:

  • Most infants and young children are capable of learning how to rest and fall asleep with minimal support.

  • Physical and emotional contact are important needs for caregivers to meet.

  • Supported and connected crying is a healthy part of life that supports sleep and wellbeing.

  • There are sometimes somatic and developmental reasons that infants are not sleeping well. Extended professional screening and treatment is sometimes necessary. 

  • Everyone is happier when they get better sleep :)

Family Sleep Over Haul Package!

Investment: $440

During the sleep overhaul sessions we:​

  • Complete a developmental assessment to rule out underlying developmental issues impacting baby's sleep

  • Clarify caregivers perspectives and desires for family sleep

  • Create a written sleep plan 

  • Have two follow up phone conversations to track progress

  • A closing in person session*

*Due to Covid, all sessions are now happening over video and phone.

Well Baby Check-In

Many people rely on doctors visits for developmental guidance and concerns for their baby. Unfortunately, many families do not receive the level of support they are looking for and are often told that the baby will "grow out of" concerns that parents have. The first year of a baby's life is such a whirlwind of change, joy, and exhaustion. In these sessions, we come together to deeply support you and your baby.  You and your baby get a chance to receive care, holding, and holistic guidance. 

Session Include:

  •  A developmental screening of your baby's growth

  • Techniques to help your baby meet developmental milestones like rolling, crawling, and walking

  • Guidance on nursing and eating

  • Time to appreciate and observe your baby's development

  • Ease crying and fussiness

  • Baby bodywork! We use touch and movement to support your baby in releasing tension and encourage healthy development

  • Guidance for ways of playing and holding your baby that support growth and wellbeing

Investment: Sessions are $140. Scholarships available on case-by-case basis.

Location: *Due to Covid, all sessions are now happening over video and phone.

Baby Bodywork

Bodywork is one of the most direct ways into healing- especially for babies who live in a preverbal reality. Babies are so present, and open in their bodies that they can shift really deep patterns very quickly through touch repatterining. This gentle and clear body work supports growth and ease for the baby. Treatments are helpful for:

  • Learning to nurse and latch

  • Promoting sleep

  • Torticollis and plageocephaly

  • Ease fussiness

  • Atypical movement patterns

  • Developmental delays

  • Digestive stress

  • Birth trauma

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