Parenting Support Sessions

These sessions are meant to help ease the burden of parenting and support you in transforming patterns of relating to your children that are worn out and not feeling good. Sessions can include bodywork, or be completely conversation based.*

I aim to:

  • Give you a space to rest, feel held, and relax

  • Listen to you fully with compassion

  • Support you in learning skills to be kinder and more loving to yourself and with your kids

  • Share practical tools for everyday life: holding boundaries, creating family rhythm and routine, navigating big feelings, sleep, and sibling tension


Single Session: $90 

*All sessions are currently being held on phone and video


In these sessions I support you in finding ease and wellbeing in your body-mind-spirit. Through touch, movement, and presence we unwind tension and find new possibilities for movement. These changes can support you in making relational and life changes from the body on up!

We will tap into the natural intelligence of life through your body to move towards healing and wellbeing. 

Sessions Include:

  • Connecting to water and fluidity of the body as a source of healing and guidance

  • Accessing deep states of rest

  • Relieving pain and discomfort

  • Healing trauma and resolving flight/fight/freeze states

  • Increasing capacity to sense your physical and energetic anatomy

  • Directly embodying organs, fascia, and fluid anatomy in the body to support healing

  • Reiki


Single session: $130

Pack of 4: $440

Pack of 8: $840


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